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Meet Jason

I never planned on running for office. While I always believed in serving my country, running for office was something for politicians, not me. I joined the army at eighteen and served for seven years before becoming an engineer, working to build better cities. I believed I did my duty and I did it well and my country gave me plenty back: I had a job I loved, a community I adored, and I was eagerly awaiting the birth of my first child.

And then everything changed. My daughter was born and diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. This meant months of constant doctors, nights on uncomfortable hospital beds, and carefully moving IVs and breathing tubes to hold my baby girl as she was connected to life-saving machines.

As my wife and I struggled through those difficult times, Tallahassee politicians began cutting back on funding for heart research and options for medical care, leaving thousands of families like mine without access to the very doctors that had saved my daughter’s life. I knew I had to step up and fight for those families that need a voice in Tallahassee. Now I am running because Tallahassee isn’t serving our people anymore, just the special interests and it’s time for that to stop.

As your next Florida State Representative I will work to:

Support Florida’s education system

Protect our water and natural environment

Defend local control for our cities

Ensure everyone has access to affordable healthcare

Stand up to special interests and bring common sense ethics reform

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